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With ExpertPay, you have a quicker, easier, more secure way of making child support payments. Less time. Fewer errors. Lower costs. It’s as simple as click, remit, done.

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SPEEDY: The quickest way to pay

By simplifying and streamlining old, cumbersome processes, ExpertPay dramatically reduces time, errors and costs versus traditional, manual methods of making and managing child support payments. For employers, payroll providers, state agencies and non-custodial parents.

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SECURE: All data is confidential

A quick, one-time setup means you need to enter employee or client information only once; then it’s secure on ExpertPay’s platform for future use. No need to re-enter data again. And speaking of security, electronic payment means no more checks lost in the mail.

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SIMPLE: Click, remit, done

ExpertPay is all about simplicity. Simple setup. Simple execution. Simple recurring payments. Simple compliance with withholding orders, NACHA and other regulations. And it’s simple to see why this one-stop, one-of-a-kind platform is used by thousands of employers, payroll providers and non-custodial parents in 50 states.

For employers

100,000 companies nationwide use ExpertPay to reduce time, errors and costs versus check writing, processing, mailing, and postage — and simplify compliance with state mandates to digitize and accelerate income withholding.

For payroll providers

Thousands of payroll providers nationwide use ExpertPay to reduce downstream back-office backlogs, and eliminate the time, errors and costs of check writing, processing, mailing, and postage.

For states

States accept ExpertPay to receive and process payments and increase their child support collections. Available at no cost to states, it guarantees funds, eliminating financial risk on charge-backs and NSF alerts.

For non-custodial parents

With ExpertPay, non-custodial parents have a quicker, easier way of making child support payments with a bank account or credit card (via our sister site All electronically and secure, with the click of a mouse.

America’s #1 child support payments platform

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