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About ExpertPaySM

Question: How do I contact ExpertPaySM?

Answer: You may email ExpertPaySM at or call customer service at 800.403.0879

Question: What are my payment options?

You can pay by ACH debit.

Question: What are the initial costs for ExpertPaySM?

Answer: There is a one time registration fee of $2.50 charged to you the first time a payment is submitted. In some states, you will also be charged a transaction fee of $1.25 per remittance that will be debited from your account for each submitted payment. If you have multiple cases, each subsequent remittance with the other case information will be charged $1.25. You should also contact your bank regarding potential processing fees. Some states are offered at rates other than our standard rate. Please refer to the "Fee" tab to learn more. If you are not sure of the rate being charged for your remittance, please contact Customer Service at 800-403-0879 or keep watching the web site for updates.

Question: How will my bank account be debited for the fees to use ExpertPaySM?

Answer: Your transaction fees are debited from your bank account the same time your payment is debited.

Question: How will we receive information about the ExpertPaySM process?

Answer: Information is available in the form of online HELP, FAQ's, and General Information. Additionally, you may contact ExpertPaySM customer service at 800.403.0879 or

Will I be able to submit a payment immediately after registering?

Answer: No. The registration process takes up to three business days. The information you enter at registration must be verified in order to use the system. If any information you enter cannot be verified you may be asked to contact customer service in order to complete the registration process. Once registration is complete and your payment is submitted to the receiving state, it may take up to seven (7) business days from the effective date of the debit specified to be received by the state. There is no mail time and no potential for missing or lost checks.

Question: Why can I only choose from a few states to send payments?

Answer: Because at this time, only a few states are able to accept electronic payments from obligors. They are: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, California, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. We will continue to add more states as they become available.

Question: What does ACS have to do with ExpertPaySM?

Answer: ACS performs payment processing of child support payments in many different states. This represents approximately 54% of the nation's child support collections. ACS has developed ExpertPaySM to help provide a web based product for submitting child support payments electronically.

Question: Does ExpertPaySM provide the FIPS code for a county and/or state?

Answer: ExpertPaySM provides the FIPS for the state as a default. If a County FIPS is required, that will be provided in lieu of state default.



Submitting Payments

Question: When can I setup my debit effective date?

Answer: The debit effective date can be up to thirty (30) business days in advance, however, it cannot be less than one (1) business day from the date of entry of the payment.

Question: What action can I take to make a correction if I submitted the wrong information?

Answer: The deadline to cancel or edit your payment is 8:00PM, ET one business day prior to the effective date. After that time, you will not be able to update/cancel the submission. If you have a serious problem, please contact customer service at 800.403.0879.

Question: Will ExpertPaySM allow me to submit information out of balance?

Answer: No. The total of individual payments will always equal the amount debited from your bank account. No negative or zero dollar transactions are allowed.

Question: Why do I enter a maximum allowable amount on my bank account setup?

Answer: The maximum allowable dollar amount allows the user to set a dollar limit on the amount taken from the account at one time for child support payments. ExpertPaySM does not allow submittal of a payment that exceeds this maximum.

Question: How will I know if my payment has been debited from my account?

Answer: You will need to contact your bank. You will receive an automated E-mail advising you that your transmission has been submitted. However, this is not confirmation that your payment has been debited to your bank account.

Question: Do I have to setup a separate bank account for the processing fees from ACS for using ExpertPaySM?

Answer: No; ExpertPaySM will debit the same bank account used for your payment.


Account Maintenance

Question: If I have an NSF situation, will my ExpertPaySM access be cancelled?

Answer: No, as long as ACS can recover the funds. ACS will also debit your account for service charges. If there is a repetitive NSF situation, ACS reserves the right to cancel your ExpertPaySM privileges.

Question: Can I have more than one Bank Account?

Answer: Yes.